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Dave Klotz

Composer For Film

Composer For Film

Gemini nominated composer Dave Klotz has worked in almost every creative facet of the music business. A native Torontonian, Dave’s early career involved composition, performance, arrangement, production, engineering and touring with a variety of musical acts. He has toured extensively in North America and Europe as a professional keyboardist, and has appeared on a multitude of albums.

Dave’s true calling however, has always been scoring for film. Over the past 20 years, Dave has been credited for composition in film and television for productions spanning from Toronto, to Los Angeles and Hong Kong.

One Foot Out Of The Box…….One Foot In

Dave is a graduate of the York University music program, where he received a BFA Music degree with honors, specializing in ethnomusicology, composition and avant-garde electronic music. With such a broad pallet of influences to draw upon, Dave is naturally a rather versatile composer. He can be sensitive, emotive, poignant, aggressive, abrasive, dramatic, dynamic, or just downright weird when necessary. He has a knack for both supporting and emphasizing the energy and emotional shifts of visual storytelling.

Body of Work

Below is a selection of featured credits from the repertoire of Dave Klotz. For a complete list of Dave’s credits, please see:


  • Forgive Don’t Forget (2017)
  • Sky On Fire (2016)
  • Road To Red (2016)
  • Make It Pop (2015-2016)
  • Wild City (2015)
  • Saint Bernard (2013)
  • Aleksandr’s Price (2013)
  • The Unleashed (2013)
  • Punished (2011)
  • Nexus (2010)
  • The Mercy Man (2009)
  • Linger (2008)
  • Iris Chang: The Rape of Nanking (2008)
  • Eye In The Sky (2007)
  • Triangle (2007)
  • Exiled (2006)
  • Fulltime Killer (2001)
  • Replicant (2001)

Director/Production Co.

  • Brad J Bennet / Shaking Hands Prod.
  • Ringo Lam / Skyland Film-Television CD
  • Tito da Costa / Worldwide Artists
  • Steve Wright (+Various) / DHX Media
  • Ringo Lam / East Light Film Co.
  • Gabriel Bartalos / Center Ring Ent.
  • Pau Masó / Maso & Co. Productions
  • Manuel H. Da Silva / Dark House Films
  • Wing-Cheong Law / Milky Way Image Co.
  • Neil Coombs / Caged Angel Films
  • Rider McDowell / Champawat Pictures
  • Johnny To / Milky Way Image Co.
  • Anne Pick-Bill Spahic / Real to Reel Prod.
  • Nai-Hoi Yau / Milky Way Image Co.
  • Ringo Lam-Johnny To-Hark Tsui / MWIC
  • Johnny To / Milky Way Image Co.
  • Johnny To-Ka-Fai Wai/Milky Way Image Co.
  • Ringo Lam / Millennium Films


  • Composer
  • Composer
  • Composer
  • Composer w. Raney Shockne
  • Composer
  • Composer
  • Composer
  • Composer
  • Composer w. Guy Zerafa
  • Composer w. Guy Zerafa
  • Composer
  • Composer w. Guy Zerafa
  • Composer w. Guy Zerafa
  • Composer w. Guy Zerafa
  • Composer w. Guy Zerafa
  • Composer w. Guy Zerafa
  • Composer(add.)/Score Recordist/Score Mix
  • Score Recordist / Score Mix / Musician

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